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6 California Cities Where People Love Retiring

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Your working years are behind you, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your retirement. If you’re wondering where to put down roots, why not go to California?

There’s the sun, the beach, and the proximity to Disneyland so your grandkids are sure to come visit. Here’s a list of six places in California people love to retire to, and places you’d be lucky to call home.  

6. Glendale

The safe and secure environment the city of Glendale offers makes it a friendly place to settle down in. Everything is easily accessible, the medical facilities are renowned.

There are many community activities happening at all time including sponsored programs and classes. The views of the hills don’t hurt either.

5. Roseville

Rosedale is conveniently located in the heart of the valley. It’s steeped in history and offers a myriad of recreational activities for people of all ages.

This relaxed city has recently expanded, offering so much more to do – from shopping to finding fresh food at the weekly farmers’ market.

4. Visalia

The small town of Visalia offers the quiet lifestyle, one in which you know all of your neighbors’ names.

The recreational parks, including Mooney Grove Park, along with the short drive to the mountains and the coastline, make you feel like you’re surrounded by nature.

3. Thousand Oaks

The sense of community found in Thousand Oaks is reason alone to move to this calm and charming suburb, located an hour outside of Los Angeles.

Residents take pride in their caring and helpful nature, they’re great neighbors. Not only is it home to some pretty great people, it’s also the home of a pretty great library.

2. Torrance

Only a fifteen-minute drive from Los Angeles, Torrance is a cultural community filled with helpful neighbors.

This city has a hometown feel to it, most things are within walking distance and you’re in close proximity to numerous beaches. It’s a peaceful place to live.

1. Burbank

The lovely city of Burbank in clean, quiet, safe, and everything is conveniently close by.

The tight-knit community makes Burbank feel like a small country town, even though it’s so close to the city. All of the farmer’s markets and access to gyms and pools make it easier to pursue a healthy active lifestyle.


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