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8 Reasons You Should Move to Seattle

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If you weren’t already thinking about it, you should start considering packing your bags and moving to Seattle, Washington. Sure, it rains most of the year, but it is is one of the best cities in the country to call home. There’s a lot more to this city than being the birthplace of Sir Mix-A-Lot, here are eight reasons you should move to Seattle.

8. The Coffee


Seattle is where Starbucks got its start, so you know they take their caffeine seriously in this city. If you’re someone who loves your daily energy boost in the form of a hot liquid, you’ll fit right in.

7. The Greens

organic vegetables

Aside from legalized high-quality marijuana, Seattle offers its residents an abundance of fresh, organic greens. Available at farmer’s markets and grocery stores alike. It’s easy to eat well with so many healthy options.

6. The Welcoming Residents

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Seattle is such a welcoming place for people of all races, religions, and sexual orientations. The state of Washington proudly legalized gay marriage, showing the majority of people are accepting and supportive. Not to mention they throw one hell of a pride parade.

5. The Dogs

dog park
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People in Seattle love their furry friends, which is why you can bring them into a restaurant, or even on a city bus. Because this city is so pro pet, there are dozens of dog parks and dog-friendly cafes.

4. The Nerds, Geeks, and Techies

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Seattle is home to some major corporations, including Microsoft and Amazon. This makes it a technologically focused city that is home to as many nerds, geeks, and techies as there are iPhones, laptops, and gadgets. They’re an integral part of Seattle’s make-up.

3. The Reading Parties

reading party
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Seattle’s independent weekly The Stranger throws reoccurring reading parties, where people gather together to read books. It’s a quirky and entertaining activity that makes Seattle what it is.

2. The Water Taxis.

water taxi
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Who wouldn’t want to whale watch on their way to work, or sneak in a nap on their morning commute? Seattle’s water taxis are beloved by residents for many reasons, but specifically, because they really beat being stuck in traffic.

1. The Day Trips


The city itself is great, but it’s also nice to be so close to so much. You’re only a day trip away from swimming in the Green River, admiring the Cascades, or getting up close and personal with Mt. Rainier. You can feel like you’re on vacation any day of the week.


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