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Steps to Sell Your Home 'For Sale By Owner'

There are 7 key steps home sellers take from deciding to sell their home through closing.

Wherever you are in the process we have services available to either make the process easier, save you money, or both!


The decision to sell a home may take minutes or years, but the important thing is that you've made it. Now that you are here let's start reviewing your goals and options.


Why are you selling? The decision to sell is often rooted in other life goals or needs. Do you need a larger or smaller home? Are you hoping to trade old construction and maintenance for something newer? Whatever your goals are the sale of your home is probably playing an integral role in goal achievement. As a responsible home seller you need to know exactly what you want to get out of the deal. How much money would make you happy? Are you willing to perform improvements or accept contingencies? Start thinking about these things as they will impact everything you do from this point forward.

Select a Partner

Do you want to sell with an agent? Do you want to sell the home yourself? Whatever direction you select we have an option for you. Evaluate checklists, look into the costs of selling a home, and talk openly with experts. If you need help with any decisions the Xome Agent Network is only a phone call away at 844-335-0589 or

Prepare and List

Clean and stage the home. For a detailed guide of this phase consult our checklist. Professional photos help attract buyers as they are often more eye catching and present your home in the best of lights. Xome can help connect you to a professional real estate photographer or an agent to facilitate these. Once the pictures are done and the home is prepared you are ready to list!


The home sellers' greatest ally is their local MLS. 80% of sold properties employ the local MLS as their primary marketing tool as it makes your home discoverable by all local and national buyers and agents. Sites such as Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Xome, and more pull properties from the MLS, so an MLS will tick these massive online search tools off your marketing list too. Now that your exposure is covered focus on scheduling and hosting your open houses. For these you will need signage, fliers, and maybe even staging help. For direction and help here please consult our checklist.


Once you've received an offer or two (or more!) it is time to negotiate the finer points of the sale. Remember, you are never negotiating solely on price; for example, how will you address and accept contingencies? Always keep your goals in mind when negotiating. Remember: you own the house they want!


Now that you've reached mutual acceptance and agreed to terms it's time to move down the path to closing! This is the phase that changes the most depending on your location as states, counties, and municipalities all have slightly different laws around the transfer of real estate. We strongly suggest, and some states require, you retain appropriate representation. Contacting a real estate attorney or title company is usually a good and safe first step. For your convenience, please see our Closing Checklist to ensure you have your boxes ticked. With the Xome Super Seller package your Xome Agent will manage the closing process for you.

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